Monday, November 22, 2010

Salad Daze Archives Unit 2 { 1997 }

VI. Urania

you glimpse my wild children's infinity
their firy dying sends you its delight
beyond all ages far away & free
brought to nerves of spirit with each night

here are more than planets stars or moon
within my sphere mystery laughs complete
you wait for daylight's fall to end
the wheel of beauty turns here
this is how time's spheres ring
this map no voyageur can ever fathom

i claim the nation of wishes
the portraits of mythic lore alive
in constellations many & delicious
i let the ambrosial whimsy thrive

here are measures beyond every scale
of silence's heavy cosmic scheme
below my playground all gasp & smile
the flickering meteor a moment's icon
this is the cold sweet art of astronomy
bend this to the sprouting seasons

you prime this field of liberties
their guidance firm from tiny gems of light
in this all ages may somehow seize
this craft by which a heart finds flight

1 comment:

jim said...

"Urania" is from a series on the Muses that I'll never live to finish. Think I at least got 7 or 8 of them, though!