Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bailout, Schmailout - We Need Life-Rafts

Another gob of choleric goodness via Sadly, No!:

"Well, in fact I did change my mind … from very-reluctantly Pro to increasingly-angrier Anti.

PROTIP: When your first piece-of-shit proposal gets shot down in flames, coming back with an even lousier plan may not be the most cunning move in the book.

The Mother Of All Ratfucks is on hold … now it needs to be thrown into a nice clean body-bag. Voters should be telling Obama that if he keeps pimping for this garbage, he’ll wind up being the last Democratic POTUS ever, because his party will self-destruct from inside - he needs to think about the implications of succeeding where Rove failed in that regard. NEITHER major party has any high regard among Americans anymore, see Congress’ popularity-ratings for details.

Nationalize the shitpile & turn it into a make-work project for all the struggling MBAs & undergrads - it’ll take years to pick the gold-nuggets out of the septic-tank, but at least that way, lower-class Yankees don’t get stuck paying Ferrari-prices for a lot full of Gremlins.

Slap a bloody moratorium on foreclosures - America has too many homeless NOW & not enough aid, & housing-prices can use the boost that’d come from renegotiated mortgages being paid up, instead of the obscene spectacle of legions of homes slowly but surely rotting away (even at legal-theft bargain-rates) with nobody able to pony up the down-payment.

You wanna talk prophylaxis? Get some of these “MoneySluts, Inc.” gimme-gimme sociopaths into psychiatric treatment &/or prison-cells, NOW - the global economy really can’t afford any more of the Charlie-Manson-School-Of-Economics approach at this point. Big brokerages ought to be required to test for psych-disorders as part of their licensing process.

The current economic predicate is going to create more & more of these SNAFUs, & they’re going to be bigger & harder to survive every time, because of the not-very-swift “logic” being used to maintain the “Metastatic Tumor” model our economy is based on. The time when “Captains Of Industry, Ltd.” could look forward to new frontiers to rape & pillage is over. Get the world’s brainiacs together to start hashing out how to set up & run a sustainable equilibrium-based economy … because without it we’re ALL going to be terminally fucked in about 10 years, if that. The global-resource pie is as big as it’ll ever be right now - sadly, the same cannot be said for population or consumption. If we just keep leaving the status-quo in play, THAT “correction” is going to be unbelievably horrific.

It’s going to take an awful lot more than BushCo cutting a big check to fix the mess we’re all in now. We ALL screwed the pooch - & we’re ALL going to be raising the puppies."