Monday, November 22, 2010

Salad Daze Archives Unit 1 { circa 1988 }


the current set is in crisis stop accelerating entropy creates terrible crisis amid a darkening putrid apathy no positive and non-destructive catalyst has yet risen and survived against this stop burning away membranes shredding into the very marrow of biosphere stop this is a full alert stop every act that opposes it co-opted and subverted from within a myriad of absurd mundane prisons a reich of convenient pupa consumption stop make more devour more waste more destroy more kill more a macabre cult of paradigm of trivia of hate stop its wiles can seduce and rule any opponent can obliterate every single last known living thing ultimate evil victory over

the diorama is in grave peril readjust now stop primary priority readjust society stop readjust economies stop readjust value ethics stop readjust goal and motive dynamic stop readjust spirit stop readjust against all nonhelpful technology now stop the timeframe means that this is the supreme code against that which oppresses everything alive stop this is a real emergency over and out

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