Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Reefer Madness Ahoy!

Ordered some no-longer-illicit weed from my benighted government this morning.
Brutal price - though to be fair some of that is shipping & tax.
Yet more proof the NDP has an absolute fetish for mimicking right-wing fecklessness: BC probably just blew a literal fortune by only having a single store - in Kamloops - open on Day One.

Better ridiculously late than never, eh?

Burn Baby Burn ... one bowl at a time.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cosmological Holography Conjecture

As modeled in their holographic principle by 't Hooft & Susskind. the universe is a lower-dimensional membrane projecting the physical "3-D" universe we know & love ... but we also know that this "3-D" universe is expanding at an accelerating rate over time. While Dark Matter has already been indirectly observed, the fundamental nature of "Dark Energy" has yet to be determined.

Perhaps black holes are the answer. Much to-do is made of the fact that they seem to violate conservation of information - but even that problem may pale next to their apparent ability to annihilate the very dimensionality of matter that they consume (assuming that their cores are true singularities). If seen as information, then surely dimensionality too must be conserved (with apologies to cartoons & grapheme) - a basic truism which fails in the case of black holes, with no dimensional analogue to Hawking Radiation to account for its absence.

The singularities at the center of black holes may be dimensional quantum pipelines to the cosmic membrane described in the holographic principle, forcing it to expand faster - & inflate the universe faster - with every new supernova that ends with a black hole. If true, the logical corollary is that cosmic inflation will continue to accelerate until the universe can no longer generate any more stars heavy enough to spawn new black holes.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Patience-Convenience Axis

This alliance seems paradoxical because constant convenience can act psychologically to reduce individual patience. Likewise patience can be vital in enduring a loss of convenience.

But when a society opts to expend & enhance its collective patience to abide ills that also enhance or maintain convenience, they go from antithetical to symbiotic - & those ills are one giant step closer to becoming mandatory. Patience gone from virtue to weapon & convenience devolved from comforting time-hack to delivery system for social atrophy via monoculturing.