Monday, September 15, 2008

*Cybernetic Fossilization via Digital Technology 4 Dummies*

Take utmost care what one chooses to post.

Once one submits, deletion is futile.

Even if one could somehow divert it from, & Yahoo Cache, & Google Cache, etc., there are no known warez that are a prophylactic against screen-captures.

The Interwebs never forget.

Indeed, once hardcopied, even the total termination of the Interwebs themselves would be futile.

Caveat Author.

A Comment on Someone Else's Comment On Some "The Atlantic" Wanker

(because I'm still too freakin' lazy to do a "REAL" post)

Another gob of nutritious booger-meat c/o Sadly, No! --- which now qualifies me as a nihilist, according to someone or other who may or may not know what "nihilist" means:


(PereUbu said:)
"Why, would that be the same Jeffrey Goldberg who told us all the other day that we should all be afraid, very afraid, because al-Qaeda is just one nuclear weapon away from having a nuclear weapon, and that would be the ONLY thing we should elect a President on?"

Hrmmm. Fascinating.

Just how Strangelovian must your brain be before you can blithely overlook the fact that the same GOP pulling Yanks’ chains with the boogyman of “Al Qaida + NEW-CLEAR WEAPONZ = DOOOOOOM” is the one that couldn’t be bothered to decapitate it in Tora Bora … with grunts directly ordered to remain inert by Rumsfeld while boxing in their target on 3 of 4 sides, no less?

Then weaponize THAT brain-fart, by frenetically slopping a bullshit topping on their bullshit-burger made of “Dems Will Have Your Kids Beheading Each Other & Reading the Koran 24/7″ … & dig right in?

I strongly suspect the evil force of Bad Pharmaceuticals here at work.

21st-Century Yankeestan may need a Mandatory Elected-Member Detox Program even worse than it needs radical electoral reform. Indeed, the lack of the former may inherently render the latter futile.