Friday, July 15, 2016

gaia's voluptuous anvil twopointoh - Gratuitous Taxonomic Disambiguation

PLOT WARP: I am not a subscriber to Lovelock's Gaian model of either Terra or its biosphere.

To me the phrase by which my silly wee weblog is yclept is mythopoetically suggestive of the very awesome & upsetting range of implications derived by combining even grade-school math & junior-high science with the cybernetic avalanche of modern history to produce logical fundamental predictions.

Gaia's anvil is voluptuous because most of life defaults to the erotic when left to its own devices, just as sexually reproducing critters should - but it is a vast cold anvil nonetheless: natural brutality can be as epic as it is mindless.

Humanity's scope of choice/influence herein is still a live topic of controversy, which sadly increasingly can no longer be said for the escalating results of previous & current choices/influences.