Monday, January 9, 2017

global anarcho-nihilism Ahoy?

2016 = The Year Of Full Metal Emo 

2017 = The Year Of Shit Getting Much Too Real

Note how the former directly spawns the latter.

Today - January 9th - Reykjavik is above the freezing point.

Renowned recent acts of ritualistic mass civic suicide (America's 2016 election & Brexit) may very well be direct psychological results of the ongoing saga of latent raw menace that is anthropogenic climate change.

As news pertaining to it becomes increasingly terrifying the more it is researched, a psychic tipping point is reached beyond which the default response is ambivalence.

TRUISM / SPOILER: This ambivalence is destined to invert/evaporate wherever Gaia's ungentle version of karma makes either avoidance or denial physically impossible.

Some victims just want to watch the System burn.