Monday, August 10, 2020

Salad Daze Archive Unit 26 (1997)

 nux vomica

There is no center here

and now ignorance shrinks terrified

Here is a worthy note for us all:

the curses of all children unfed

There are accidents over us

or can you not face them

There is no light here

so there is no point in turning away

Here is a lie applying to us all:

we couldn't do anything to change things

There are maniacs hunting us or

have you seen them yet

There are no terms here

as our spirits wounded shake and cry

This the trophy undiscovered:

in equal amity to grow unchained

There are monsters inside us or

are you one already

There is no edge here

and a tide pulls me harder

Here is a guess aimed at us all:

the sleepwalking is sweetest at the cliff

There is too little from us 

or did you not notice