Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh, Those Wacky Americans!

Miller will be airing his final ad today, warning Alaskans to only drink distilled water & malt liquor lest the cabal of media communists sap & impurify their precious bodily fluids in order to weaken their essence.

The moderate Republican conservatism that once gave America such premier public servants as Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt & Dwight Eisenhower is sadly long gone, sacrificed decades ago on the altar of ideological purity. The bizarre cargo-cult of superstition, spite & hubris that has taken its place would be funny if it weren't so dangerous.

Eight years of Bush re-confirmed the conservatives' deficit of civic aptitude that Reagan exemplified before him, & vastly exceeded even Reagan's breathtaking scale of waste, cronyism & criminality. The GOP gaining a House majority in 2010 will conclusively put to rest any remaining rumors of their ability to govern or provide functional real-world solutions once & for all.

The Republicans hijacked America in 2000 during good times, with Clinton's surplus & a booming global economy on their side ... & in 2010 America has yet to recover from the damage done. Now imagine what level of destruction they can create by re-enacting Gingrich's 1990s stonewalling style in a BAD economy, with a titanic deficit to start with instead of a surplus.

That horrible sound you hear?

That's Lincoln's ghost, dry-heaving.

(note: this is actually nothing more than some glob of dipshit-bait which I knowingly deposited on a thread at