Thursday, April 1, 2077

gaia's voluptuous anvil = A Dash Of Tuesday Whimsy

Using brute logic, I arbitrarily changed the blog's name so as to bring it more in accordance with the morbid-yet-playful text that I have next to my icon thingy.

Note that said icon thingy was - & some might argue still is & always has been - my true motivation for this blog ... because I disliked seeing a generic default blob beside my comments.

Now this blog is named after my 1990s radio show, the crusty vehicle of yore via which I exposed entire scores of Lotuslanders & sundry BCians/N.Washingtonians to the likes of Evil Twang, nomeansno, Terror Of Tiny Town, ten days late, Wretched Ethyl, Little Fyodor, cranes, Frank Zappa, Throbbing Gristle, perfume tree, ZILLATRON, Tankhog, Mudhoney, The Monoxides, Dayglo Abortions, Nina Hagen, Submission Hold, Aging Youth Gang, The Residents, Einsturzende Neubauten, DSK & whatever else I could get my little tentacles on through the wee hours.

6/17/2014: NEVER 4GET

Monday, September 5, 2022

Alienation: The Modern Medusa


Afterword: “A Disclaimer”

This essay does not propose any solutions to the multi-faceted dilemma of modern alienation, but merely examines it on a general & superficial level. This is not meant to suggest that no such solutions exist, & that we are bound headlong on a one-way road to total isolationism, hedonistic terrorism, & “programmed life” a la “Brave New World.” A species of animal which is intelligent enough to get itself into a bind as deep as ours must surely be at least intelligent enough to get tiself right back out again.


Barber, Bernard, 1970, “Science and the Social Order.” Toronto: Collier

*** 2022 Postscript ***

While I will forever cringe at the hokey tone & the Eurocentric & obsolete references to “Western” culture, this beast I smashed out verbatim to make a paper deadline still stands the test of time better than expected, & also includes my first real stab at a theory — to elucidate ludic evolution from circa 1880–1987.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Salad Daze Archive Unit 36 (1994)

eleven lines 


i am not

action figure sold 


 i am not

another paradigm scam

i am not

your latest bad excuse

i am not marketed

i am alive-alive-o

i am still

i am real 

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Salad Daze Archive Unit 35 (1999)

 for gaïa 

these eyes bright w/ hope & love

wait for another

where years burn their vigils yet i

look upon another

every spark of a lusty season comes

risen for another

plowing under senses in the blind wave

seeking for another

always & again left in the rain

hope upon another

i yet will fall cold alone & raging

never for another

but only for you:

my gaïa

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Standard Model Limit Postulate

     That for any new major insight to be added to Standard Model development of Quantum Field Theory, science will first need to engineer & acquire a new language coded specifically to such insight - one whose syntax, semantics & terminology render it both superior as a container/explainer for QFT proper, & compatible w/ generating apt additional input. The counter that the maths involved are themselves that language is at best hubris & at worst parlous hyperbole: a massive exponential rise in computing speed & power w/ which to exploit them, along w/ literal legions of bold brainiacs all attacking the known gaps in the model for decades on end, has been the herald of precisely zero new major elements to add to QFT.


    If it is correct, no new major insight in QFT is forthcoming for the indefinite future - or even possible, no matter how many man-hours or equations are thrown at it. It would thus also likely be an essential prerequisite to any potential union of QFT w/ Einsteinian Relativity.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Neural Optimization Postulate

 That human neural networks enhance net performance by using organic ambient changes in geometry or differential of ionic ratio/charge in adjacent non-sentient tissues ( blood, fat, glia, etc.) as a complementary signal processing system. If true, it should predict outsized or unaccountably absent effects from site-specific injury & pathology - & that measured peak mental acuity will exceed the demonstrable neuronal capacity used to reach it.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

mein gedankenspiel: frisky frolics of a faded freak

 2004 was when I threw down the fingerless punk gauntlet: see if I have what it takes to force my slimy skull-walnut to emit an apt radical novelty. 

Either novel or radical are a cool calm summer breeze - while apt is a brutal beast that plays poorly with the others in the rare event when it ever does at all.

Play on!

Geadankenspieling has been one of my life's keenest joys - my little mutant pet that's totally free to play, in a proverbial void that lets me score as many ideas as I can, & has the personal potential for some utterly harrowing IRL results depending on what I come up with & whose chain it yanks.

Those Trifectas are the profane Grail, but there's plenty to chew on among the sloppy apocrypha, & to spare. One result was nothing but the intellectual equivalent of a tantrum, noting the tragic ongoing omission of a prime historical revolution: the shift toward female s3x selection first indicated by Chivalric Code & alleged all-girl "Courts Of Love" in medieval Europe. Another a cosmic mega-kludge that makes a lovely sibling to one at least partly inspired by the Susskind & t'Hooft mega-hologram model that's arguably FAR WEIRDER than mine.

Some synaptic byproduct even got frisky enough to inspire a "Dead Letter File" metagame of its own!

I also learned that I'm the kind of sick pervert heathen that can drop a one minute sermon!

The most recent is Q.L.O. - which came with 2 highly evocative instances that may or may not be proofs. Let posterity - or infamy - give someone who can tell the difference the call says I, & Alfred E. Neuman take the hindmost.

Doubt any subsequent treats can be siphoned out of all this dying fatty gray mucilage this late in the farce - but then, I always do...



Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Quantum Ludic Ontology (An Unreasonable Proposition For Unreasonable Times)

Proposing not only that what we refer to as meaning is a species of game that minds play w/ themselves to explain what is going on or why, but that said crazy Mind Calvinball can then be elucidated &/or upgraded by being mediated via the berserk conniptions of QFT such as decoherence, tunneling or entrained particle pairing (to name but a few)?

Might be worth a gamble, if only for the larks!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Salad Daze Archive Unit 34 (2005)

caliban's blues 


all of these days

eating me raw

flaw by bloody flaw

win lose or draw


all these centuries

burning me away

rend peel & flay

the devil i say


none of these failures

shall so much as slow me down

for i'm such a perfect clown

i'll dance until i drown 

Salad Daze Archive Unit 33 (2005)

the rise & fall of us all 


history is a fickle bitch

she loves to pull a bait-&-switch

in the smoking rubble we're sure we've got her

as we race to the next farce even hotter


history is a crazy dame

she shuns the meek yet strangles fame

as we march to triumph & destiny's seal

she giggles - & drops a new banana peel

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Salad Daze Archive Unit 32 (2001)


My eyes are wet but I will not weep

This is a little blessing for you to keep

& when you are wishing you could be brave

Your heart can renew this gift I gave

Salad Daze Archive Unit 31 (1998)

requiem for Pat Lowther 


circa 1984

i read your words

& i am still

scared to again



are still so good

that i am

going to anyway

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Salad Daze Archive Unit 30 (2005)

 haiku for a black ladybug 

her 4 scarlet gems

herald beauty's dawn so shy:

enchanted daughter

Salad Daze Archive Unit 29 (1997)



truth is behind us


we feed its verdict


change is yet ahead


 the themes of its melody

these paths

reveal their pilgrims

others wait

watching & smiling

virtue lives in us


the day of its awakening

Monday, May 24, 2021

Salad Daze Archive Unit 28 (1993)

 song of madness

i'm out of it                i'm inside it

i'm out of it                it's inside me

draw the line             cross the line

erase the line

i'm still alive                i'm still dying

i'm still alive                death am i

the world spins            the world stands still

in the beginning was the word

in the end only hissing rain

as it was it will be again

but all of this will never ever be

is this heaven's own dew

is this bitter dark blood

another utopia                another nightmare

another day                    another daydream

does this wind have a name

does this hour have a colour

we rise singing                we fall screaming

see the moon                   feel the sun

see the earth                   disappear ...

Salad Daze Archive Unit 27 (1994)

 di/agnostic prayer

the sun snuck out at the city

someone smiled 

a flag was put away under lock & key

the last one ever amen

Monday, November 23, 2020

The Perpetual Morbid Bias Of Reality Filters

 There has never been a boon without someone to take credit for it.

There has never been a blight without someone explaining it away as the "mystery" of an omniscient deity or of a dead deterministic universe.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Salad Daze Archive Unit 26 (1997)

 nux vomica

There is no center here

and now ignorance shrinks terrified

Here is a worthy note for us all:

the curses of all children unfed

There are accidents over us

or can you not face them

There is no light here

so there is no point in turning away

Here is a lie applying to us all:

we couldn't do anything to change things

There are maniacs hunting us or

have you seen them yet

There are no terms here

as our spirits wounded shake and cry

This the trophy undiscovered:

in equal amity to grow unchained

There are monsters inside us or

are you one already

There is no edge here

and a tide pulls me harder

Here is a guess aimed at us all:

the sleepwalking is sweetest at the cliff

There is too little from us 

or did you not notice

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Salad Daze Archivee Unit 25 (1998)

the death o' me.      

I promise more storms & with them more joy,
after the death o' me.
Perhaps then I won't even lay down to die,
long past the death o' me.
Days turn strange with tender new change,
after the death o' me.
Yet I'd know you word for word, someone just heard,
long past the death o' me.

See where I sail, don't you open my mail.
after the death o' me.
For it's my vague belief some might smile with relief,
upon the death o' me.
Nights wlll keep kisses for many shy misses,
after the death o' me.
My heartaches sincerely are costing us dearly,
'twill be the death o' me.