Monday, September 5, 2022

Alienation: The Modern Medusa


Afterword: “A Disclaimer”

This essay does not propose any solutions to the multi-faceted dilemma of modern alienation, but merely examines it on a general & superficial level. This is not meant to suggest that no such solutions exist, & that we are bound headlong on a one-way road to total isolationism, hedonistic terrorism, & “programmed life” a la “Brave New World.” A species of animal which is intelligent enough to get itself into a bind as deep as ours must surely be at least intelligent enough to get tiself right back out again.


Barber, Bernard, 1970, “Science and the Social Order.” Toronto: Collier

*** 2022 Postscript ***

While I will forever cringe at the hokey tone & the Eurocentric & obsolete references to “Western” culture, this beast I smashed out verbatim to make a paper deadline still stands the test of time better than expected, & also includes my first real stab at a theory — to elucidate ludic evolution from circa 1880–1987.

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jim said...

My very first theory in print was the gaming dev-line that I dropped into this bombastic cranked-out single-draft mound of relevance.