Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Standard Model Limit Postulate

     That for any new major insight to be added to Standard Model development of Quantum Field Theory, science will first need to engineer & acquire a new language coded specifically to such insight - one whose syntax, semantics & terminology render it both superior as a container/explainer for QFT proper, & compatible w/ generating apt additional input. The counter that the maths involved are themselves that language is at best hubris & at worst parlous hyperbole: a massive exponential rise in computing speed & power w/ which to exploit them, along w/ literal legions of bold brainiacs all attacking the known gaps in the model for decades on end, has been the herald of precisely zero new major elements to add to QFT.


    If it is correct, no new major insight in QFT is forthcoming for the indefinite future - or even possible, no matter how many man-hours or equations are thrown at it. It would thus also likely be an essential prerequisite to any potential union of QFT w/ Einsteinian Relativity.

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