Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wheels Within Wheels Ahoy!

I got VirtualBox to run a different virgin distro inside my Precise Pangolin on a virtual machine today. A computer inside a computer that I can nuke without so much as mussing the hair on my real one. All the little hard-drive-children of Jimville are filled with joy because at long last, their potential shelf-life is looking up. 

A very satisfactory end to a day, eh?



jim said...

For better or worse, I remain drawn to the Siren-song of committing impromptu hardcore cyber-fuckery by the seat of my noob-pants .......... a whimsical partition mod this morning has liberated some tens of unallocated gigabytes from the depths of Black Beauty's entrails. This will be helpful once I learn how to wiggle & deposit them where they need to go.

My subsequent expeditions into virtual machine hijinx have been irksome: Crunchbang (#!) Waldorf won't let me into its intro screen, & Puppy Linux has a tragic neurosis around locating its own files. I see much more profanity, chagrin, & Hail Mary plays with settings ahead. While I don't literally forbid myself tutorial input, I'm obviously biased in favour of autodidactic brutality above & beyond the call of common sense.


jim said...


Threw out my virtual #! machine ... the version on my primordial Acer works swell, but in Oracle? FEH.

Virtual Bodhi OS is another kettle of fish entirely. Not only works like a charm, but skips the awkward cursor-capturing step between the pseudo-puter & the rest of my desktop to let me seamlessly transition back & forth between them. OH? Fuck. YEAH. Its Midori browser is light as a feather but I can't figure out how to import bookmarks into it.