Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5/22: N3V@R FORG3T. Notwithstanding: 5/22, F*CK Y**H!!!

My OS mania struck yet again, this time not without real tragedy.

I changed over the hard-drive of my primordial Acer (which I drag to work for the particularly-inert Saturday night "Sweet Spot" shifts) from Kubuntu to Crashbang Linux. It's a lovely little beast that comes with a lot of the nifty shit that you have to laboriously install on Ubuntu-family OS's already provided, plus it just looks fuckin' ultraboss.

... & teh hippos got burl'd in t'er tanks.

The dark side to this happy tale?

In the process of puddling about with the Crunchbang .iso file I thought it'd be jolly horrorshow to add it to my main laptop as well ... & hilarity was NOT what ensued. My ineptitude with partitioning led to the sad scenario where my external HD got ganked via pissing about with RAID arrays & such sundry ugliness that inevitably transpires when you stubbornly insist on doing a full-bore DIY install, even though you know fucking well you're more or less a blithering nitwit in the realms of everything to do with actual hands-on Computer Science.

A 500 mother-loving gigabyte drive: pooched.
The grim reality:


Years of patient meticulous accretion of prurient libido-nutrients, all instantly & unknowingly gone, like adorable butt-naked sand through the hourglass of time. Needless to say I've been steadfastly gleaning what surviving residuum I can from my collection of thumb drives ... but the losses have been as heinous as they are sudden.  Merely contemplating the net attrition of Ariel Rebel (gee, that could just possibly be NSFW) videos causes my Inner Child to speedload its Pampers with a vengeance ... & the lovely lady voted "Montreal's Most Sexy" is but one MIA among many.

How I know my OS rabies is dire is that ... despite my grief ...


PS: Because of Crashbang's defaults this here is my first ever post submitted on the sexeh Iceweasel browser.

This goes here.


jim said...

I think it helps soften the blow that I can get a virgin system rockin' along this good this soon - this post was acutally done on a laptop that's ten years - or 7.1 million Internets Years - old.

Also, it isn't trivial that said eldritch slab now has wireless with Crunchbang, whereas I couldn't make it puke out a wireless connection for love nor money with teh Kubuntu, much as I also adore it (for reasons both similar & unique). That will aid in no small part when I'm mooking around at Tim horton's with my small hot chocolate (their coffee tastes like somethng grown in a vat compared to my home blend) to kill time before work.

Thus from the ashes o' my fail I verily pull up a delicious fluke.

Thanks, multiverse*!

* Post & comment alike were both produced in quite-rare-yet-not-nearly-as-interesting-as-it-sounds exotic SUPER-DUPER-SHITFACED MODE for extra lulz! Also, while I have a keyboard handy: why oh why does Blogger make all my previews fly off the right side of my comment box like it's on fire? This kind of shit rather yanks hard at my chain, Blogger - get your fucking act together for a change.

jim said...

... also too, given the golden opportunity to justify obtaining a new shiny thing, I went & splurged on a new 1TB external HD to replace the 500GB one - twice the memory & the cute little dickens was somewhat cheaper to boot (heh).

Hooray for Moore's Law!

Who knows: I may even find some obscure blood sacrifice or series of mystical incantations that can de-FUBAR the old one.

Hope whimpers eternal & all that cal.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

(which I drag to work for the particularly-inert Saturday night "Sweet Spot" shifts)

I know them well...



Merely contemplating the net attrition of Ariel Rebel (gee, that could just possibly be NSFW) videos causes my Inner Child to speedload its Pampers with a vengeance

Wiki says she's got a food blog...

M. Bouffant said...

Comedy music ... comedy music.

jim said...

Indeed, Le Petit Ariel takes joy & pride from sharing her buku FINAL BOSS level of cooking-fu, as well as her splendid charms.

Trolling my own thread* on a DSL (damnsmalllinux) artificial operating system running** via VirtualBox inside my Ubuntu OS = BLARGH post maor u shiftless tit! Yo Mama! Pflblpflpf!

{ *gives thread the finger* }

* Pretty sure teh Bloggerpolizei isn't apt to actually let me blog on this wacky Bon Echo browser, seeing as how it already suggested I use a properly supported one instead ... those poor fussy fussbudgets.Oh, missing plugins alert ... LOL "No siutable plugins were found," hooray! Ahh, now I can kill virtual machines without any hurts on my sweet old trusty Black Beauty, phew.

** Post some truly homicidally-sincere Anglo-Saxon vernacular being invoked.

jim said...

Man, I fuckin' LOVE a premium happy ending.

As of 8/25/2017 the myriad prurient ones & zeros have been valiantly saved from DOOOOM!
Win kudo bonanza to Linux application gparted.


Cyberbonus: now I haz a nice empty new-old 500Gb pooter!