Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Quantum Ludic Ontology (An Unreasonable Proposition For Unreasonable Times)

Proposing not only that what we refer to as meaning is a species of game that minds play w/ themselves to explain what is going on or why, but that said crazy Mind Calvinball can then be elucidated &/or upgraded by being mediated via the berserk conniptions of QFT such as decoherence, tunneling or entrained particle pairing (to name but a few)?

Might be worth a gamble, if only for the larks!


jim said...


QLO is preented for entertainment & further speculation.

While he enjoys QLO, the writer does not endorse it as either an exclusive personal ontological system or as a mod for any person's or AI's current system.

The writer accepts no responsibility for ANY effects of QLO use on any humans or AI employing it, be they evolutionary or toxic.

jim said...

Some might argue that the uncanny persistence of mystical belief systems after centuries of scientific refutation is describable as ontology mimicking quantum tunneling ... & that the known bias toward polarity of concepts (dualism) mimics entrained particle pairs to boot.