Monday, June 15, 2020

Salad Daze Archive Unit 23 (1993)

II. Terpsichore  

you hide my wild gestures in esprit
the realms of darkness & light
while they struggle free effortlessly
to the tableaux of noon & midnight 

there are only bodies straining wildly
beneath my voluminous quilt of gasps
you force them from your breast
the milts of myth allegory trance
this is where lays liberty
this wheel pulsates with living blood

you send the thrill to its target
the realms of my sister muses
while inspiring visionary reverie
that the fate of each sense chooses

there are treasures in my touch
o for those few who will dare try
you can enter my fog of raptures
the sails of whimsy grace delerium
these are the gates & keys you love
send them to their purpose yes

you reveal to me your blushing charms
the intimacy of crimson energies
you clasp this wind in welcoming arms
my synergy your heart to appease

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