Monday, June 24, 2019

Salad Daze Archive Unit 17 (2001)

Soft Target

Sacred goods for a profane market: make way for the advent of the next Soft Target...

You got screwed over in our clover, but now you've come back for more.
We'll let you choose which way to lose - do you prefer Virgin or Whore?
We built this city on your aching spine, which suits us just fine.
You can march in our parade while your ideals fade, you're such a good gold-mine.

It's so much more fun than denial & regret: all hail the rise of the new Soft Target...

We grant you a heritage where brother eats brother, it makes your dreams nice & easy to smother.
All you have to do is shrug & turn away, so while the children burn our fiddles can play.
It's payback time so cough up that dime, you know exactly what for.
We stole your choice & altered your voice, you're such a good little war.

Bless you for swimming into our gross net - get up on the altar, you're the next Soft Target...

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