Monday, July 10, 2017

Quantum Gravity Synthesis Exclusion Conjecture

That an apt & predictive theory for phenomena described as resulting from Quantum Gravity requires a third theoretical model - separate from either Quantum Theory or Relativity - due to the scale of discretion between both theories, which may be predicted to be beyond functional synthesis due to the fundamentally unique properties of gravity.


jim said...

I really like Loop Quantum Gravity a lot ... until I don't.

The gaps are big enough to merit their own Gap-God. You have to somehow mash Hamiltonians into Relativity which has no use for them, make time dynamic & fixed at the same time, & reconcile fluid relativistic effects with instantaneous herky-jerky quantum leaps - all this & much more before you can even begin to tackle a gravity for which no particle has been found nor likely ever will.

jim said...
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jim said...

Note that this conjecture leaves a legitimate opening for String Theory - which I'd join Dr. Tyson in looking askance at in light of its ongoing result goose-egg.

Selah, V!

jim said...

The cruel irony is that below a certain scale, gravity works better than the other fundamental forces as a quantum theoretical field.

Sadly, gravity's quantum functionality fails while it is still at microscopic distances.