Thursday, November 22, 2012

Escape From Beneath The Planet Of Revenge Of Son Of All Hail Teh New Flesh Ahoy!

Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should stop at TWELVE available Desktop Environments ... especially when the brand spanking new Cairo Dock DE's let me get my machine to look as bare-bones as I want it:


If loving this crazy shit like an only child is wrong, I never want to be right again.


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jim said...

Sigh ... well, seeing as how I just spent all night Tuesday meticulously reviving the OS after anally raping it & giving it galloping laptop-AIDS via a jumbo helping of high octane weapons-grade ST00P1D, perhaps I should have neither zigged nor zagged, for the good of my two or three remaining slivers of sanity ... but my wasted weekend of eldritch horror DID have some silver linings: I got my prehistoric Acer back on line after more than three years of cyber-coma (ROFL 115 WINDOWS UPDATES LMFAO), even if I remain unable to shred the despised Windows XP off it once & for all ... YET.

Also, the KDE that I had "installed" in a wretchedly perverse mutation is now back in a healthy form - & it's both quicker than shit out of a duck & sweet as clover honey.

The Pangolin is dead - long live the Quetzal!