Monday, October 1, 2012

All Hail Teh New Flesh Ahoy!


Runs like a racecar, makes virus coders cry & turn emo, heaps of bitchen apps along with a legendary range of possibilities if one were ever to become ambitious enough to go Full Skript-Kiddie ............. & it doesn't cost a motherfucking dime.

Nearest I've come to a problem with it is thinking I (or it) had completely ganked the audio ... I apparently popped it off by opting for a digital sound format - I presume it's an analog audio OS by default, which sounds just hunky-dory to me.

* Just cold logging in to some fresh Ubuntu all up in it * 


jim said...

This OS has its heavy side: one is obliged to be somewhat of a co-builder of one's own setup ... which I find both scary & EPIC.

Still fewer hassles, still speedy as shit out of a goose, & still making M$ Vista look more & more like a waste of HD space.


jim said...

Yeah, THIS RIGHT HERE is exactly what I'm talkin' about:

ISSUE: Teh mighty Precise Pangolin 12.04 LTS was just letting me go straight to my desktop with no login (I probably disabled it during my initial setup) but then irking me with the need for a "Keyring" login 30 seconds or so later anyway. Yes, most folks would say that's actually a major improvement - but I'm a bloody weirdo, & I really get a kick out of the cartoon pangolin greeting me whenever I log out & log back in.

SOLUTION: Five minutes online at looking up the answer & one minute of diddling with the command terminal & everything is tickety-boo. Nothing to download, & no passive-aggressive ferschlugginer torpid progress bar to stare at ... just results.

Cthulhu only knows what amount of headscratching & profanity would've solved such a puzzle with Windows, IF it would let me solve it at all ... & I can't figure out what the hell most of the cutesy icons on a Mac even do or mean, so using any Apple crap is a nightmare for me.

I also must note that when I fire this sucker up I have the choice of two Ubuntu systems (2D versus 3D) & three GNOME systems (stock/"Classic"/"Classic" with no effects) to log in with, effectively making this five OS's in one.

Between this & the ingenious HUD that's activated by the (Windows logo) superkey, I have to wonder if this open-source bestiary of pure WIN isn't going to wind up eating Microsoft & Apple's lunch. Like I say: safer, smoother & FREE is a mighty tough combo to beat.