Saturday, August 15, 2009

Who John Galt Is

* A fictional incarnation of Ayn Rand with a penis.

* A terrorist.

* A person so lost in their megalomania & sociopathy that they see the destruction of an entire society as a noble act of virtue - no matter how many innocent people have to die horribly for it to succeed. Thus: Galt = Osama bin Laden - Allah + $$$.

* Perhaps the most hilariously blatant example of political Asberger's Syndrome in modern literature.

* An icon to those who see no problem with augmenting the misery of the less-fortunate so as to inflate their obviously deficient egos by default - just as long as someone else winds up paying the bill.

* The guy who gave P.T. Barnum's ghost a severe case of Grifter Envy when he successfully made the scientifically impossible hokum of free-energy machines & indestructible alloys into vital components of a canonical text of a major 20th-century political philosophy - so move over, L. Ron Hubbard, there's a new kid in town!

* The nonexistant Messiah of a cult of societal sadism that mysteriously somehow retains to this day the name "Objectivism" - despite its need for such subjective conditions as fanatical dedication & active denial of basic human reality as prerequisites to membership.

* The neocon version of the Jonas Brothers. What that Farrah Fawcett poster was to teenage boys back in the 70s, & the JoBros are to pubescent lassies now, so Galt is to the less clued-in libertarians everywhere: a Hawt Hunk Of Magic That Really Can Change The World If We All Just BELIEVE. Yeah, it looks grim for a while there with all those awful corrupt liberals wrecking everything & keeping "the best of the best" down - but fear not, Teh Mighty Galt makes everything peachy in the end (for the few remaining survivors) so trust us, you don't need to think things through (in fact, such activity is discouraged) because heretical thoughtcrimes such as cause-&-effect, empathy or logic are for liberal weaklings - just keep faith in The Gospel According To Rand & eventually our cause will prevail due to the power of our will.

* An asshole.

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LittlePig said...

Well said, Jim. Bravo.