Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wave-Function Conjecture

That given sufficient quantum instability, in an extremely primordial or degenerate universe wave-functions may collapse in such a way as to tunnel or jump past the event region, thereby transiting into a state of antiprobability.

(Note that in this state they would not have a negative probability, as certain quasiprobability distributions are said to have, nor any other anomalous probability value such as a variable. They would thus exist in a very exotic state indeed, since they could neither be concrete [probability =1] nor impossible [probability =0], nor could they exhibit any level of probability in between.)


jim said...

Having just spawned the depraved wee bairn, I find that I've got a hell of a problem with either describing or defining antiprobability.

It logics out fine, given that the hypothesis has anything to it - but the mind reels at the thought of a thing that completely negates the scale we use to figure out the odds of something happening, with real events at one end & impossibilities at the other.

jim said...

Plainly the post-transition artifact can't still be a wave-function any more - perhaps it is stopped on the far perimeter of the event region as an "anti-event" (whereupon it might then rebound into it to annihilate an adjacent wave-function)?

Smells like it would have to exist in the same paradoxical time-line as is proposed for tachyons.

jim said...

Is antiprobability decay the cosmic trigger (& is this deducible)? If antiprobability has an originating role in this universe, theories involving primordial spacetime fail - spacetime has to be emergent, presumably with the Big Bang.

As a mathematical wimp, I have to giggle upon musing that there are possibly no finite mathematics able to either express or describe antiprobability.

jim said...

Could the depraved wee bairn (or knock-on effects of it) have led to very weak macro-scale spacetime-distorting expression of the strong force?


Sure would be a deliciously parsimonious way to explain cosmic inflation ... one which attributes it to upscale resonance of an observable fundamental force instead of unobserved "Dark Energy."

jim said...

D3RP ?!?