Thursday, April 1, 2077

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Using brute logic, I arbitrarily changed the blog's name so as to bring it more in accordance with the morbid-yet-playful text that I have next to my icon thingy.

Note that said icon thingy was - & some might argue still is & always has been - my true motivation for this blog ... because I disliked seeing a generic default blob beside my comments.

Now this blog is named after my 1990s radio show, the crusty vehicle of yore via which I exposed entire scores of Lotuslanders & sundry BCians/N.Washingtonians to the likes of Evil Twang, nomeansno, Terror Of Tiny Town, ten days late, Wretched Ethyl, Little Fyodor, cranes, Frank Zappa, Throbbing Gristle, perfume tree, ZILLATRON, Tankhog, Mudhoney, The Monoxides, Dayglo Abortions, Nina Hagen, Submission Hold, Aging Youth Gang, The Residents, Einsturzende Neubauten, DSK & whatever else I could get my little tentacles on through the wee hours.

6/17/2014: NEVER 4GET

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Salad Daze Archivee Unit 25 (1998)

the death o' me.      

I promise more storms & with them more joy,
after the death o' me.
Perhaps then I won't even lay down to die,
long past the death o' me.
Days turn strange with tender new change,
after the death o' me.
Yet I'd know you word for word, someone just heard,
long past the death o' me.

See where I sail, don't you open my mail.
after the death o' me.
For it's my vague belief some might smile with relief,
upon the death o' me.
Nights wlll keep kisses for many shy misses,
after the death o' me.
My heartaches sincerely are costing us dearly,
'twill be the death o' me. 

inferno (Salad Daze Archive Unit 24 -- 1993)


disdain this cold hand
the wind lets o'er your skin
renew the fire inside alive

push the fumes in deep
punish this instant with force
relinquish to me this sullen light

sow the gift of insane happinesses
the rain slides o'er your skin
refrain that aches next my heart

soothe each torment alas
with oh so many smiles at last
renew with a gesture smooth 

disdain each shade of bloom
that lurks below your gaze
disdain that cold hand

submit to these commands
the wind lets into your eyes
with oh so many tears

close the locket deep
claim each pulse for only me
with senses brought to life

harvest these new fires
the rain will never end them
with mere wishes hissing

amaze my ancient spirit
that frolics freshly spawned
submits to your commands

awaken your dormant embers
be my lorelei petal
as the heat enters eternity

dance among angels among avatars
without heed of victory
as dew glistens on my cheek

hold heat in this theatre
the night will never discover
as a bird invokes our sorrow forgot

touch a moment flaming
without your darker side remaining
as the light brightens this embrace

astonish our bodies in novelty
be an archangel of eros
awaken my dormant embers

define the faces of history
through a warped mirror
fly with my childish eye

deny us to the bloated moon
though our sexes wax with yearning
dive with me in dreams

destroy the prisons of fear
through a simple gambol
unknown its shivering abandon

denude the icy veil within
though comfort is in its sting
define the phases of mystery

kiss your fingers to midnight
laughing at a serpent flowing
crimson 'neath that jester

taste its unaged musk so new
revel as my desire lies asleep
crucified above this gesture

swim toward some invisible eon
laughing while it falls asunder
crashes into silence

languish a day in bondage
until the tears wound me
chrysalis of an alien destiny

create a song of earth
layers of gentle warmth now
kiss my wings to noontide

fuel our futile triumphs
while the age rolls sideways
element of pulsing passion

frisk in this sweet furnace
fraught with peril finally forgotten
element of sighs and tempests

sail o'er a morning flowing
while our blood calls us
element of tides and of life

ignite the sword of romance
that frolics freshly spawned
fuel the feeble triumvirate

press the shield of hope
near fury with desperation
to a new allegory

allow another asterisk alms
reveal its hidden bouquet
to my delighted sense

master these days with solace
near the gates of madness
to comic oblivion meandering

persist even through wounds
reveal my enigma screaming
to some unnamed goddess

two loves here did collide
fantasy alone gave them life
press the crest of mutiny

only with union your decline
insists upon sacred conflagration
smoke of forests releases

own a kingdom of gasps
yes justice slumbers
behind your sizzling vision

oh how distant you are
insists my mind in this darkness
yet still you are embracing me

opium of sacred lust
that frolics freshly spawned
only with fusion our sweet climb

race toward my comfort
let your misery fade to black
a paradox wrapped in ether

sound mutual depths with fire
leave their molten memory
a polished emblem for other eyes

bear new truths to this year
let it die sweetly on our lips
a parody of older tragedies

make love lonely with your grace
no more reason in this rhyme
a paroxysm of tongues flexing

warm yourself on this moan
defend the pride of romance
race away from your abyss

lost my heart to your blaze
as it crept down my spine
in a season of bittersweet ice

saw you there so small so holy
in the distance a guiding star
in your skin what was awoken

touched your body in a fog
as a song began slowly burning
in our thoughts like gasoline

gained a star in furious morning
neither tear nor laugh was found
lost your rainbow to my reverie

nuzzle this crooked wood
into dancing rebirth
at the crux of this our comedy

pass your torch to glory
alarm my sleeping surfaces
at each hair leave garlands

halt anachronism of time
into your web bind it fast
at its tomb leave one red rose

sing ever soft your need
alarm muses with its musky fluid
at your zenith tides do turn

rest to struggle further
in another wild millennium
nuzzle that horizon of self

play upon these chilly bones
derange them into symphonic joy
as yours also release hot dew

play with fire as it hesitates
natural oven your dark pudendum
shudder with the divine contract

play beyond the wall of slumber
derange the core so tenderly steaming
in other eve i too will send ripples

play upon my velvet bell
that frolics freshly spawned
play beneath our tropical bones

join our geographies to dream
serve we now a better duty
for each moment it loves us

in the nexus peace calls
 to an ideal as fine as sterling
for no jester can this deny

solve the riddle of our desires
serve their hunger a painless hell
for this alone is our erotic purpose

claim the heritage of love's wisdom
free it from our sighing throats
for it is fantasy worth any gold

soothe our grief in this poultice
care against these bitter times
join our infinities awake

folly unleash from its planet
holy signs left here behind
pure the ceremony begun

question's writhing ember balanced
upon our lips so mild
pure enough never to burn us

the sound of hissing rain
holy anointing mantle shines
pure beyond remembrance this

ascend the sacred tower of lust 
that frolics freshly spawned
folly return to its fine orbit

draw me nigh queen of infernal sky
save this knave with laughter
all his horns are burnished

make vinegar tempt bees
or the crow turn snow white
all his feathers illuminated

each trail of solitary honey
save until it ends in rebellion
all arisen from your female springs

mine is the triumphant ode
or suicide turned inside out
all of which is your crazy doing

feed the flame my secret name
as the fuel gathers speed
draw down the sky with one bright eye

kiss my lazy butterfly
out of its rank dark dungeon
as something original explodes

kiss the century goodbye
with a high gazebo of innocence
this the most perfect crime

kissing your darkening nipples
out of their hibernation
as i wish you to justly reply

kissing something original
my virtue ruined in flickering bliss
kissed into that alien territory

awake to fiery novelty
after these mad mazes
so winds the timeless path

harmonize absurd logic
hiding beneath bronze skin
so to enlighten my service

pluck these strings to frenzy
after our penance is done
so fine its destruction then

live beyond any rule herein
worthy only of catharsis
so distilled are its many jewels

sonnet of truth we sculpted 
somewhere 'twixt beauty and pain
awake oh fleshy incendiary

take me to your well of blood
relief awaits me hot and good
mine alone its weeping smile

rhyme its course with ferment
to seal another scroll
mine to give this serpent of fire

comet of black tickling hair
relief from solemn rites
mine to give and to be given

silk bolt convulsing below 
that frolics freshly spawned
takes you to my tower of blood

live in the envelope of now
hope past the long treachery
your beacon persists even here

pursue the pleasure within
anomaly that flirts with eternity
your abandon insists on stillness

flicker out from this cage
hope futures into form
your contact sends blessing sparks

shoot the roman fire of fancy
anomaly incandescent rebellion
your pulse the ash is reborn

shine inside my palm ascendant
blend your oils at the apex
live in the labyrinth of now

learn a rune for no good reason
decide to the blind horizon
cast a stone at another hour

learn the codes of myth
portray an obscure angel
as a wave rises to this land

learn through each foul membrane
decide to claim a journey
unborn as the chorus of tomorrow

learn as you weave silly tapestries
that frolic freshly spawned 
learn the tune of sweet reason

glide across the cursing ice
on wings streaming orange tentacles
whimsy the enigma drifts laughing

plow an altar to bedrock
as it rises through glistening
whimsy delicious yet terrifying

descend this archway softly
on feet grand and deft
whimsy in each plump toe

cleave your way to my foundry
with a bladed ringing gaze
whimsy the anvil of this creation

flee evening in your inspiration
on spastic pinions free
glide into the shattering ice

prepare the new temple
where my holy storm intrudes
by the game of prankster heat

gather the cooing red flock
of sizzling knives to their reunion
by the grace of our supremacy

plead with me to the silent one
where she patiently dreams us all
by a mad cycle of invisible songs

construct the platform soundly
this no mere sacrament we bear
prepare the ancient temples

pin up another molten medallion
upon this breast that heaves amazed
to have such honour made

achieve the mania you aspire
lovely its agony to such victory
to gain such a titanic prize

skim the ripples of liquid heat
upon your golden cup of days
to beauty mock with its own warmth

drain each drop with that wise tongue
lovely this instrument beyond harmony
to relent exhausted by such a destiny

gasp as its momentum spins
inside each inch of sweating skin
pin down its placid desperation

wisps of frost disintegrate
in the vortex our touch revives
by honeyed synergy to exclaim

whistling cyclone the lion undying
delicate executioner of blackness
in undulating tails you anoint

nova of pleasing now releasing
that frolics freshly spawned
whispering miles of naked ballad

fashion a heraldry that breathes
from layers of history hearkening
molded in motion with gesticulation

stir shadows false in your torch
arc it past the frigid skyline
molded in rebirth screaming

return intact the igneous egg
from its dank nest so alluring
molded by these velveteen pressures

coalesce faithful dear child of fire
to one great purpose conquer
molded between our gentle fingers

salvation true in this laurel
so link it unto perpetual comedy
fashion a visage that pauses

proclaim my fealty to that glow
so as to bind it sternly
drop of wax bears soft glad regalia

let one candle stand for two
an edge of light we now defy
drop of wine the holy discovery

blood of the air that feeds us
so every laugh can ring the strongest
drop of red dew is this coal

strange feast of your hot breath 
that frolics freshly spawned
proclaim your treason to this night

capture with earthy gazes
the fringes of my silhouette
lines that liquefy in this current

pose a circus march of loiterers
arch solid blinding lightning
lines that breed afterimages

retain without any mnemonic
the quivering knives nearly singing
lines soldered into a monolith

stoke the unknown engines
arch spine like spirit dragon
lines traced in night sky making faces

risk all futures on an imperial gesture
loiter at the threshold of ignition
capture with celestial gazes

paradise is within inferno concealed
fortunes of liberty are set in stone
licence somehow its rules revealed

panic claims its banquet of revelry
drools eerie trails of viscous vapour
spectra bubbling in greying chorus

pacific tide of waves on fire
fortunes flock to surreal certainty
true as the bullet of my climax

pathway etched in cracking steel
it frisks and meanders dreamily
paradise is beyond inferno unsealed

flare out of the cauldron of years
sweet smoky child survivor
drift o'er the landscape of fuels

flow with the music always
extinguish not thy purification
drift loose when the crux draws nigh

deign to grace us with salvation
sweet fumes of delphi in thy gaze
drift to me o'er tides restlessly

descend with praise oh flame of thought
pronounce these epicycles worthy
drift beneath them with heated wit

flood icy evening openly
a deed too true for these words
flaring into the vase of moments

labyrinth of sultry touch
branding the dark with visions
collide awake as my arousal

crackling silence of these sighs
mated to impossible light
collide with exploring novelty

recline alas unjoined herein
branding the black sky with wishes
collide in chaos in holy truth

conspiring erotic jewel of fancy
that frolics freshly spawned
labyrinth of chill longing

ode so small so righteous
you inscribed through a haze of smoke
incandescent seraph so shiny

chorus madly invoked then
my eyes illumined with romance
incandescent laughter of forever

unseen beings beheld the rite
you grew from foetal reveries
incandescent in its vast maturing

ink of red and paper forest green
my eyes fluttered with their marriage
incandescent respendent and wild

destroying time with pleasure
liberty our only authority
ode so long is this clear river

resonate with darkness smould'ring
defy every cold and faceless tower
with the candle of immortal cupid

resort to the fire of my sex
the blooming growth finally freed
by the captivity of thy shadow

resume other concerts gladly
defy even this if whim commands
balance totality at perihelion

resounding angelic wind of orgasm
that frolics freshly spawned
resonates with light bursting

flickering beads in opaline vision
crowning the sculpture of profiles
cataract of lust that sacred smoke

spill another grandiloquent drop
crowning the mantle vermillion
cataclysm of fulfillment crackling

meander in these allegoric forests
crowning their sentinels orange
catlike kinetic fluid of imaginations

laze beneath the tree of paradox
crawling to conquest merrily
catalysts distilling with gestures

rendezvous with some empathic sprite
yearnings twist like strange serpents
flickering beads of fire leap blindly

glow along with this blood sceptre
plunging gift of eager trance
we each collapse before this knight

master the slow dance of unity
wet streams scorch the bodies now
we assent to its blue-white beams

glorying in a naked promenade
plunging into this lava
we can only cry out triumphant

consume this bubble of ambrosia
while we push aside each barrier
glowing amidst this plebian theatre

delve 'neath a meniscus of stars
dare to enjoy your secret island
inflamed with my unicorn of lusts

merge into this effervescence
tease the cool mask of history
infuse it with a charm thus born

wave to the sky at last sublime
dare the simplest courages
inflame my nervous surface now

charge quixotic yet still victorious
tease the edges of another eve
infuriatingly delight this tongue

with such liberty wisdom makes
while our humid hearts stirring
delve above a field of stones

moan a song of sweet dissonance
hallowed hymns in erotic trance
repent the metropolis once again

moan with your musky sacraments
drain my flask unto oblivion
as the galaxy wheels over elegant

moaning our loving intersection
hallowed as these shaking limbs
dare the smallest fear to death

moan at infinity suddenly ripe with heat
that frolics freshly spawned
sing the noises of assonance

embrace this darkling meteor
as it crosses your invisible cosmos
thrust against its insisting power

return to the first sparks
as they scrape us out of dust
thrown together gasping in ecstasy

flash those dusky eyes of youth
as the horizon bursts with sunsets
thrilling the marrow of dying day

brush against this beautiful abyss
asking for only a few hours to kiss
through which to cheat its archives

wrap the breast of evening in
a standard of pure flame
embrace this sparkling phoenix

bend this light of my vision
startling in its first discovery
find the gold of this spirit

whole at last our vanquished solitudes
disappear under such lightning
find the key here that releases it

reign here in this secret grove
startling its unwelcome tranquility
find the new storms of your heart

refine them to dazzling clarity
that frolics freshly spawned
bending that night of our visions

enchant this thudding heart
deranged by your smoky musk
kindly does it beckon to me

wrap my kisses deep within
the orchid of your vulva
kindling this rite of new virtue

twine our fingers together
deranged in their perpetual mingling
kind combat they then make

flex this feminine majesty
the feast of my virgin tongue
kin to the small glowing pink coal

rage with sweating pleasure
as my kisses seek your explosion
enchant this peaceful heart

a reddening soft conflagration
offering upon its dewy altar
the marvel of a heaven in life

a ruby beyond any price
that gains conquest by surrendering
its fantastic sense of wholesome joy

a banquet of soft groans
offering our fires to history
while we tease the winter to shreds

a swollen hooded demon
emerges as you signal your rapture
a blushing stiffening conflagration

deny that cold hand
the rain sends o'er your skin
return to this panting demand

tense oh beast waiting within
to the last insistent force
spread long soft wings for final flight

sow the seed upon its course
the zenith now of my own hot delight
refrain that shudders deep within

soothe each torrent at last
with just this many smiles that spin
springing forth gestures so fast

distinct each gasping command
below your gaze there is oblivion hot
denying this cold hand

submit to those commands of thought
their chain frees my own surprise
with such a burning shower

close to you its length does rise
with each pulse of my bursting flower
our swooning senses revel in life

my purple bulb, your ruddy nest
their reign of endless union blessed
with a wish here newly dawned

amaze this bashful request
that frolics freshly spawned
submit to love with sighing rest


Monday, June 15, 2020

Salad Daze Archive Unit 23 (1993)

II. Terpsichore  

you hide my wild gestures in esprit
the realms of darkness & light
while they struggle free effortlessly
to the tableaux of noon & midnight 

there are only bodies straining wildly
beneath my voluminous quilt of gasps
you force them from your breast
the milts of myth allegory trance
this is where lays liberty
this wheel pulsates with living blood

you send the thrill to its target
the realms of my sister muses
while inspiring visionary reverie
that the fate of each sense chooses

there are treasures in my touch
o for those few who will dare try
you can enter my fog of raptures
the sails of whimsy grace delerium
these are the gates & keys you love
send them to their purpose yes

you reveal to me your blushing charms
the intimacy of crimson energies
you clasp this wind in welcoming arms
my synergy your heart to appease

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Dawn Of The Titanic Twenties Ahoy!

Societal non-viability will continue becoming more inflationary - & deadlier - until/unless sentience usage improves sufficiently to counteract it.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Salad Daze Unit 22 (2001)

from one of the living who doesn't envy the dead 

although i am not hers
this is no defeat

in what we never shared
i will ever after linger

no pain can solve such love
these tears are lies

although she is not for me
i am bathed in victory

Salad Daze Archive Unit 21 (2001)

homage to an unknown poet 

there is a
huge cold hammer
coming down at me
but this is not a dream

it is blind & patient
the edge is too far
to quite run to
this is more than its shadow

if we laugh
may it then dissolve away
but we still aren't laughing
this is still the same

Friday, August 2, 2019

Salad Daze Archive Unit 20 (1997)


if i am a stain
on your glorious wall
where the hand
washing me away
or the arms to hold
& forgive away this

if i am an angel
in your milky smog
where the eye
sure swift true & merciful
to snipe me down
& burn away history 
or the lips to kiss
where worlds begin

Friday, July 5, 2019

Salad Daze Archive Unit 19 (1997)


this stage
bends & flows
over it
players strut & rage
as the sand
laughs into its bowl of glass
scripts blur
in rains like knives
eyes meet bewildered
by the theme music
that has just disappeared
as slowly
this stage rises to meet us
onto it
we flow like curtains

Salad Daze Archive Unit 18 (1997)

teasing song

will i learn this
ere it destroys me whole
neither serving nor dictating
neither pen nor page
do i find this
ere it casts me to the dogs
of all my enigmas whole
of each season's shining arm
may i do this
ere the klaxon sows panic
both throat & pendulum
both wolf & lamb
did i make this

Monday, June 24, 2019

Salad Daze Archive Unit 17 (2001)

Soft Target

Sacred goods for a profane market: make way for the advent of the next Soft Target...

You got screwed over in our clover, but now you've come back for more.
We'll let you choose which way to lose - do you prefer Virgin or Whore?
We built this city on your aching spine, which suits us just fine.
You can march in our parade while your ideals fade, you're such a good gold-mine.

It's so much more fun than denial & regret: all hail the rise of the new Soft Target...

We grant you a heritage where brother eats brother, it makes your dreams nice & easy to smother.
All you have to do is shrug & turn away, so while the children burn our fiddles can play.
It's payback time so cough up that dime, you know exactly what for.
We stole your choice & altered your voice, you're such a good little war.

Bless you for swimming into our gross net - get up on the altar, you're the next Soft Target...

Salad Daze Archive Unit 16 (2001)

Panic's Wheel

from Panic comes Prophecy
from Prophecy comes Knowledge
from Knowledge comes Survival
from Survival comes Innocence
from Innocence comes Care
from Care comes Law
from Law comes War
from War comes Peace
from Peace comes Panic

Salad Daze Archive Unit 15 (2000)

Heart's Fancy  { a Satyre }

imagine me not imaginary
I am your heart's apothecary
wrapped in panic cold & alone
here is the ballad of each shaking bone
this beauty discarded on a summer's day
whispers our warning from its muddy lay
feel me near as kind as ever
I am the cord you cannot sever
wrapped against both hands & swords
none unravels this knot of words
these same burnt eyes seek anew
to share the kinship always with you
know me not quite unknown
I am the elixir you never own

Salad Daze Archive Unit 14 (2002)

for the unknown empress

pretty maid wild & true
in trousers or a dress
the one no-one can guess

i bore a sacred key
a phantom you swore never to find
i loved you enough not to mind

noontide's half-blind side
strange new spirit majesty
a gentle truth that melted me

you felt like such a zero
when you were my only hero

while i surrendered i learned
from the greatest lyric ever
your voice's small clean river

pretty maid so smooth & fair
you made each day my perfect day
the bergamot in my earl grey

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Salad Daze Archive Unit 13 (1997)


the mirrors are mine
in which lurk the enemy
here are your mad dogs aplenty
i am what everyone searches for
the angel of the next war

the swords sleep here
in this eager darkness shine clear
this is your final golden mine
i have what all are lusting for
the secret of a melting core

this breath is mine
in the moment that you forget it
here are years without names
i am the old law fresh renewed
the flames are my prelude


Monday, May 27, 2019

Salad Daze Archive Unit 12 (1996)

wiremom vs. softmom

this is the way we
slide the bolt slide the bolt
far over our heads
sold out for sale on sale sale ends soon
this is the way
we load the chamber load the chamber
do you get it
or just laugh in smug myopia
no-one gets a chance to
make a second impression
in this cage
still the other calls
this is not the way we


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

comoediae magnam postulate

That observed non-trivial violations of symmetry & of conservation can potentially serve as elements of a metageography for an esoteric & novel ecology we have yet to measure or observe.

Ratios of violation over time may be helpful if means exist to collect them.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Political Economy Of Pain

Our main vehicle of survival is exactly what we instinctively dread & despise.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Alternativen-Dämmerung - Twilight Of The Alternatives

When adults pretend, very bad things can happen.
Decades of denial have now narrowed the track of history to an epic degree.

The dominant motif of humanity now is the Hail Mary football play.

The trope of ultimate extremity rules in a kaleidoscope of forms.

Fascism resurgent is the polity attempting to defend an economic order that long before 2008 was already demonstrably a morbid anachronism.

Rising psychopathy, pedophilia & narcissism are unconscious attempts at ad-hoc evolutionary solutions to an unsustainable consumerism that's spawning an ever-worsening toll of social & ecological disaster.

Actual evolutionary solutions to our worst threats exist & are not state secrets.
Being hostile to the status quo, their success is not a given.

The Great Weirding is nigh, the surreal historical crux when our collective inherent instability finally manifests itself to its full potential.
If you think the century was insane this far, this is when you need to strap in.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Reefer Madness Ahoy!

Ordered some no-longer-illicit weed from my benighted government this morning.
Brutal price - though to be fair some of that is shipping & tax.
Yet more proof the NDP has an absolute fetish for mimicking right-wing fecklessness: BC probably just blew a literal fortune by only having a single store - in Kamloops - open on Day One.

Better ridiculously late than never, eh?

Burn Baby Burn ... one bowl at a time.