Monday, November 12, 2012

Revenge Of Son Of All Hail Teh New Flesh Ahoy!

Ahh yes ... it seems the mutation process is proceeding according to plan .....


A few posts back I frothed mythopoetic upon the topic of my brand new OS, remarking in a comment that Ubuntu is actually in a functional sense not one OS but FIVE ... different session systems are available, two Ubuntus & three GNOMEs.

As of today, I've pimped up that number to seven.

Of my two new newly-hatched spawn, I think I like Xubuntu the best ... but it's not as if I have enough real experience to make a worthy judgement call this soon. They're a (perhaps interdependant?) tag-team - I went for Xubuntu & got Xfce thrown in along with it - & they're both stripped down & faster alternatives to Ubuntu that run over its original core.


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jim said...

... & then there were nine.

Added: Cinnamon & Cinnamon 2D, the former of which is even MOAR utilitarian/minimal/sexy than Xubuntu.

I must've been am Ecclesiastic Regional Coordinator in the Byzantine Empire in a previous life, because I literally cannot get enough of this sweet sweet system-sauce on my cyber-box.