Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Reefer Madness Ahoy!

Ordered some no-longer-illicit weed from my benighted government this morning.
Brutal price - though to be fair some of that is shipping & tax.
Yet more proof the NDP has an absolute fetish for mimicking right-wing fecklessness: BC probably just blew a literal fortune by only having a single store - in Kamloops - open on Day One.

Better ridiculously late than never, eh?

Burn Baby Burn ... one bowl at a time.


M. Bouffant said...

Welcome to civilization! Dunno what the exchange rate is, but US$60.00 is about what would be paid in Calif. for seven grams of not very high in THC reefer.

jim said...

LOL, de ganja is still in transit as of the 22nd!

Expedited Post?

Inuit might opt to ban it from their stores.
Fair dinkum: they already do so with teh fire-water.

I would have held BC back until the Friday & made it a provincial holiday ... a mere 3-6 months of good prep would've made us serious buku pimp money, helped future tourism & arts workers - & incidentally led to cubic fucktons of epic good clean fun. Instead we got the hot mess of closed dispensaries (All of them, Katie! You betcha!) hung up waiting for paperwork & product, & one outlet open in the interior like a sick economic prank.

Lotusland Simplex has just been royally chumped by its own irony fetish.

jim said...

In transit in PRINCE GEORGE as of 0940 on the 23rd, so says Canada Post... at 0730???

TIL: Canada Post forbid geography & also have TARDIS technology.

jim said...

Postscript: Now cordially acquainting my fat head w/ a quarter of LANDRACE & an eighth of GOD BUD (LOL ATAVISM ROFLMAO). My typo is what actually sent the wee beauty agley, my shameful contumely against the kind & mindless helping hand of Auto-Fill eventually leading to frantically dropping a secondary backup order that then came along with it for the ride into my loving tentacles today.

Never dared entertain a good strong hope to live to see the day.

Victory is minty.